Buffalo Trace Explorers Tin

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Pack of 10 sticks 

Have you heard the word? There’s a new buffalo joining the herd! 

Buffalo Trace Explorers are the newest addition to this top-selling brand. Like all Buffalo Trace Cigars, these flavorful Cigarillos (4.2" x 32) are crafted to complement a sip of bourbon, but they stand up quite well on their own when you don’t have the time for a full-sized cigar.  

The blend is slightly tweaked from the original release of Buffalo Trace Cigars so that you can enjoy the nuances you’re looking for in a shorter format. At its core, Brazilian, Dominican, Mexican, and Nicaraguan filler leaves are encased in an oily Ecuador Sumatra wrapper, which creates a medium to full-bodied profile. Very similar to their full-size counterparts, these cigarillos are full of notes of cedar, cashews, and leather.