Ezra Zion - Chocolate Fudge Stick

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Strength: Medium - Full

Tasting Notes: First light, a huge wave of dark chocolate washes over the palate. Followed by notes of vanilla bean, brown sugar, caramel, and black pepper. Retrohale is strong with a cinnamon burn.

As it progresses, the intense dark chocolate is complimented by a leathery undertone. Coffee, mocha, and a hint of clove begin. Oak wood appears bringing perfect balance. The finish lingers on the palate for a long time with a flavor of hot cocoa.

Halfway, milk chocolate notes grow as the cigar gets creamier. The flavors are silky and rich. Hints of hazelnut and marshmallow emerge. More blasts of dark chocolate on the finish. So complex and so phenomenal!

Last third, everything elevates! Huge waves of dark and milk chocolate. A semi-sweet note that tastes like chocolate chips appears along with cinnamon and whipped cream. Complete perfection all the way to the nub.