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Strength: Medium - Full

Tasting Notes: First light is a huge blast of caramel and red pepper. Leather, milk chocolate, and nougat follow close behind. The finish lingers long on the palate adding notes of maple wood and clove. The retrohale burns with warming cinnamon spice. As it progresses, dark chocolate rushes into the blend along with an espresso bean note. Hints of maple syrup sweetness and dark porter beer emerge. Halfway, heavy whipping cream appears and white pepper begins to tingle the tongue. The flavors become more hearty and toasty. joins the mix along with subtle taste of Irish Cream liquor. Last third is colossal! The cigar evolves into even more depth and richness. All of the aforementioned flavors are more pronounced with additional notes of graham cracker, vanilla beans, and honey. The flavor and complexity are incredible!

Only: 670 cigars produced