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Strength: Medium - Full

Tasting Notes: First light is an explosion of flavor! Big notes of milk chocolate, espresso with cream, black pepper, vanilla bean, heavy whipping cream and nutmeg. Brown sugar, licorice, and cedar wood linger on the finish. The retrohale adds a warm pepper burn. As it progresses, sweet tea, cocoa, and clove emerge. Hints of candied nuts, honey, and white pepper. Subtle note of dark chocolate frosting stays on the palate until the next puff. Halfway, the flavors get richer and deeper! The chocolatey notes grow with added hints of cinnamon stick, white oak, and butter. Caramel sweetness and earth appear. Big blasts of buttercream wash over the palate. Absolutely delicious! Last third is completely unbelievable! Maple wood, toasted marshmallows, molasses, and chocolate chips are added. Toffee, fresh roasted coffee beans, hickory, and all-spice. The burn is cool and the complexity continues to increase all the way to the nub of the nub! This is--without a doubt--one of the most delectable and delicious cigars I've ever tasted!

Only: 515 cigars produced