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Strength: Medium

Tasting Notes: First light is a wave of white pepper, creamed coffee, and cinnamon stick. A blast of milk chocolate and oak cask follow. Finish adds a caramel and vanilla note. Retrohale is smooth with a warming cinnamon burn.

As it progresses, the blend takes on an extremely creamy body. Black pepper, cocoa, and malt appear. Subtle hints of beer hops begin to appear. The balance is perfect and the finish is long and clean.

Halfway, toasted nuts, semi-sweet chocolate, and spruce emerge. The sweetness begins to grow with the taste of cake frosting. Multiple baking spices appear: nutmeg, clove, and more cinnamon. Very aged tobacco flavor lingers on the palate on the finish. Mind blowing!

Last third, whiskey barrel and leather emerge with hints of caramelized sugar. The strength and body swell. Hints of dark chocolate and heavy whipping cream round out the flavors making the mouth water!