Privada Wraith Series 2022 5-Pack

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Welcome to the Privada Wraith Series. Privada Wraiths are the stuff of legend. Cigar folklore. With this series we summon the spirits of legendary blends, of cigars long lost to the past, recreating each to offer them new life. These are cigars that rocked the industry and changed blending as we know it today. The most iconic of these blends have not been made this way – the original way – in a long time. The premium cigar industry is one of passion, skill, raw materials, and the ego to think that you possess the alchemy to bring them all together. If any of these 4 main ingredients change, so too does the resulting cigar. The Privada Wraith Series travels back to the original factories to source everything necessary to recreate these celebrated cigars. Every effort is made to ensure that each manifestation is as close as possible to what was originally released. Each year the cigar is different. Most years the tobaccos, factories and actual name of the cigar is omitted to avoid legal trouble and to not disrespect the original creators of the cigars. When you encounter a Wraith, you’ll know you are enjoying a part of cigar history that changed the game forever.

This is a Nicaraguan Habano wrapped 7×40 that is packed with intense flavor and medium plus strength.  Box of 5.